What You Should Know About the Vivo Y72 Auto Camera

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The Vivo Y72 is a noteworthy phone that is very much in demand in the Indian market. The company has priced this smartphone well within the budget of the common man. The company has listed the Vivo Y72 Plus variant of the smartphone, which has the features as per its advanced version. The handset is also available in various colour options like Ice Blue, Clear Blue, Pink and Stainless Steel.

When you buy the Vivo Y72 Plus, you should be aware of your battery capacity needs. If you have bought this phone on a contract with a network service provider, it would be impossible for you to look up your complete battery capacity. But you can always go in for software such as “Phone Boost” that will give you accurate information of your battery capacity. You can get your full charge capacity from the manufacturers’ website when you buy the handset on their official site.

This has led to the low price of the phone which is a vivo y72 great relief for the common man. In this comparison, we will be looking at the battery life and the charge levels and will see if the Vivo Y 72 Plus is worth buying. The average performance of the phone in these aspects is good and it does not lag when the task of surfing the internet or taking pictures and videos are undertaken.

In terms of the web browsing performance, the webpages rendered by the phone are fast and do not suffer due to any connection problems. This means that the connection speed of downloading applications and music, movies etc are very fast. There are no problems of connection failure or slow downloads. The average performance of the Vivo Y 72 Plus includes a large number of phone call whether on short calls or long ones, some messages are delayed but all in all the Vivo y 72 Plus gives good services.

When comparing the battery, we find that the usage is quite random and the power consumption is high. The bottom line is that the battery can be charged easily but it is advisable to have the complete charge level even after prolonged usage. It is a myth that you can overclock the video y 72 Plus and get the best battery life. While the frequency of the benchmarks is generally low, the workload is heavy and hence the power drain can be pretty high when comparing the battery life with the average performance.

The rear camera of the this vivo y 72 Plus is not a true color camera as it is pre-graded in black and white mode. The resolution is quite low in both the cameras and the low megapixel count does not help when taking shots outdoors. The color cameras tend to perform better when shooting in various conditions as they are designed for every day use and not professional shooting. The rear image sensor is positioned on the same level as the front camera and hence the result is a blurred view. In every picture the scene is busy and the difficulty to focus and take perfect shots is evident.