What Are the Real Costs of Working With a Staffing Agency?

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One of the extra common freelance writing questions I get asked revolves around whether or not or no longer to come to be a part of a innovative staffing corporation.

Creative Circle and The Creative Group are of the more famous companies out there who specialise in supporting freelance copywriters locate tasks.

I even have aligned myself with a couple of these staffing businesses before, so I can inform you the benefits and downsides of going that course versus locating your initiatives and clients.

And in my opinion, the advantages of innovative staffing groups are few and far among. In reality, the best main gain I see is that if you do not want to track down your own freelance writing initiatives, creative staffing agencies might assist. However, the ones tasks you do acquire (which aren’t as many as you might assume) will require you to take a much decrease hourly price than you may in any other case rate.

These organizations normally pay you a max of $35 in line with hour, even as charging the patron a better quantity and pocketing the distinction.

To me, I might alternatively hustle tech staffing agencies  and discover my very own freelance writing initiatives, wherein I could make double that quantity, in place of rely on a creative staffing corporation to present me the occasional undertaking.

Now, in case you’re a writer with little revel in and don’t know in which to begin, a creative staffing business enterprise would possibly assist you get your toes moist. However, after you get the lay of the land, I might recommend you constitute yourself, and recognise a lot large tests.

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