How Long Does It Take to Recover from The Vasectomy No-Scalpel Method

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When it comes to the vasectomy procedure, you should be mentally and physically prepared. You must know about the type of procedure you wish to undertake and discuss all the pros and cons of the method with your doctor and spouse/partner. Today, most men are choosing the vasectomy no-scalpel procedure as it involves minimal pain and has a faster recovery time than the conventional vasectomy.

Vasectomy No-Scalpel Method – Make sure that you check the credentials and background of your doctor

When it comes to the vasectomy noscalpel method, the urologist or the doctor uses a set of sharp but curved scissors. These scissors are used for spreading the tissue of the skin. It is from here that the vas deferens is pulled out. This opening is quite small, and the tissue does not take much time to heal.

In fact, the doctor does not even have to suture the opening at the end of the vasectomy procedure. It heals on its own. Once the procedure is complete, men can go home and take a shower.

Know about the procedure in detail

In order to know whether you would like to opt for the no-scalpel vasectomy, it is important for you to fully understand what it entails before the final decision. Good urologists will give you a deeper insight into the procedure and help you understand its pros and cons for your health. In addition, they advise you to bring your spouse or partner along as undergoing a vasectomy means you both will not have any more children, and this can impact your relationship in the future if the choice is taken rashly. Once you have consulted the doctor, both of you can go back home and decide as to whether you would like to go ahead with the procedure or not.

Recovery time after the procedure

When it comes to this type of vasectomy, you do not have to stay in the hospital. You can return home on the same day. As mentioned above, most men will have little pain or a dull ache in the area after the procedure. It stays with them for about three to four days. Doctors advise men not to get into any sort of strenuous activity that involves jumping and running. They are asked to stay away from the gym for some days.

After one week, they can resume normal activities slowly. However, if you develop any very rare complication, the recovery period will extend, and you need to wait for it to subside. The most common but rare complication that might occur in men is a hematoma or any other problem that your doctor can treat.

Before you go in for the vasectomy no scalpel method, you should research the clinic and the background of the urologist well. In addition, you should check the qualifications of the doctor and his experience before you decide to book an appointment to discuss the procedure. In this way, you can meet the doctor and check whether you are comfortable with him or not.