Essential Packing Suggestions for a NYC Trip from Arlo Hotel

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Packing for a trip is a great precursor to the journey, one that gets you excited about all the adventures that lie ahead. When your destination is NYC, then your excitement is already peaking as you plan the perfect outfits. At Arlo Hotel, we have some suggestions for visitors who are putting together a packing list.

In New York City, you’re likely going to put in some miles on your feet. It’s a different city than car-centric Los Angeles or Dallas, where walking is often the best way to explore all the city has to offer. We recommend packing fashionable yet comfortable shoes for both men and women. Designer-style sneakers are a good choice – they take you from street to the subway!

To fit in as a New Yorker, consider bringing a black jacket and/ or pants. It’s not a cliché that many New Yorkers wear black as a main color. It’s an “urban neutral” color that goes well with other colors and patterns and gives New Yorkers a chance to highlight a handbag, shoes, or other item. It’s part of the classic New York City chic style that’s fun to copy whether you’re visiting from Boise or Tuscaloosa.

The weather in New York City is variable, with warm and often humid summers, and colder winters. Check the forecast for your trip to see if there’s a storm on the horizon or unseasonably warm or cold weather. For example, our Arlo Hotel staff frequently see some days in the 60’s in January and our guests come back sweaty and tired because they only packed wool pants, beanies, and puffy warm jackets. Mix in a few short-sleeved shirts and other lighter clothing. Remember, it’s always easier to remove a few layers than to sweat or freeze. Tourists and locals alike will be cold out in the wind but then need to strip down several layers when they enter a building that has the heat cranked up high. So, take our word for it and plan to wear multiple layers every day so you’re comfortable from the Empire State Building observatory to a subway ride downtown.